Christmas is for all ages. It is not only for children. I have always loved anything about it since I was small. I remember my late mother making different kinds of christmas trees every year. Perhaps this was how I developed my interest in christmas decorations.

When I began working after college, I started to collect Mr. Christmas Santa Claus. In fact I bought one with my first christmas bonus. Through the years I was able to collect a number of them until I could not find one anymore. By this time I had also built up my white angel collection until just like the Santa Claus, I could no longer find any in the market.

I have wished for so long to have my own christmas village but there were none sold in the Philippines then. This desire became stronger in December 2001 when I saw the christmas village of a fine arts professor. I mentioned this desire to a close friend of mine in the United States. He offered to buy for me. This started the craze. The first few items arrived in 2002. I just could not stop buying until I have all the basics that I needed. It took me many years to have what I have now.

Christmas Village 2003

The five white structures are by Thomas Kinkade, one of the earliest village items that I have. These are collectible items and can be bought only online and shipped one at a time in a span of almost a year. They are hand painted and each item comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Most of the items, maybe about ninety percent, in my christmas village are by Lemax. There are other brands but I prefer Lemax because of the details in each building. They are more colorful too. Lemax also has many beautiful accessories.

The accessories are what makes the christmas village a “livable” village and not just a group of structures. They give warmth to the village. Much thought was given to where these accessories are to be placed because each setting in the christmas village has a story to tell.


Lemax village items are now sold in the Philippines. Kaluxe International is the official distributor. About twenty percent of the things in my village were bought from them. It has a showroom at Robinson’s Magnolia, New Manila.

During the early years of my village, my friend bought sale items from Michaels in California, USA. Since many of the things that I like were not on sale, I eventually purchased directly with Lemax, Inc. through their website. This is how I was able to complete the things that I needed for my village.

Happy Holidays!