A friend once said that the nativity scene should be the center of one’s Christmas decorations. Rightly so because Christmas is not just gift-giving, feasting, holiday sights and sounds and festive decorations. Christmas is primarily celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Savior. Jesus was born and later died on the cross to save us from our sins.


Christmas is a time for reconciliation. Reconciling Jesus’ humanity to his divinity. This is a mysterious and yet wondrous fact. Jesus first became a man like us experiencing everything of human life, living a perfect sinless life, before he died on the cross to save us. God’s love, mercy, righteousness, holiness, compassion and glory were expressed in the humanity of Jesus. God loves us so much that He sent his only Son so humankind can be saved.


There is no better time than on Christmas to reconcile with anyone who we have issues with. It is a time for forgiveness and moving on. This would be a great gift to Jesus on His birthday.


Christmas is also a time to be grateful to the Lord for all the blessings that He has bestowed on us.



The Christmas Day message of Pope Francis: “The power of this Child, Son of God and Son of Mary, is the power of love. It is the power that created the heavens and the earth, which gives life to all creation. It is the power which gives new birth, pardons faults, reconciles enemies, and transforms evil into good. It is the power of God”.

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