Tres, a trendy restaurant in terms of its food and interior opened last February 5, 2017.

The black and white modern interior of Tres is fresh to the eyes. The clean lines is pleasing to look at.

Ground floor view as seen on the second floor.
Second floor view.

One of the ground floor walls is adorned with knickknacks like an old mixer, rolling pin, spatula and other basic cooking essentials.


The signature dish of Tres is the very delicious US Wambas Steak. It is a cured and charcoal grilled US short place with special spices and seasonings. You have a choice of rice, french fries or mashed potatoes as siding. At first glance, it looks like an uncut Lechon Kawali (deep fried pork belly) but when you start digging on the dish, it is actually a slab of corned beef. Its threads is the same as the canned corned beef but coarser. It is very aromatic and so flavorful. I like the smoky taste. Serving is good for one person only. I love this dish and would highly recommend it. Do not go to Tres without ordering this.


The Pulled Pork Burger is another favorite. On top of the pulled pork are some onion rings, cabbage and sour cream. It comes with a sweetish homemade barbecue sauce and French fries. This is a very tasty sandwich.


The Shallot Pork Belly is six hours slow – cooked pork belly with shallots and a special sauce. It comes with either a soft or hard boiled egg. Although a little bit salty for my taste, it is nice.


The Tres Salad is lettuce with chicken, red grapes, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and anchovy dressing. It may not be extraordinary but I like it since I like green salads with fresh fruits.


Service is very good for a new restaurant.

Tres is located at 14 Lacson Street, Bacolod City. It is beside Pizza Republic. Both have the same owner. Business hours: 11 am to 9 pm Mondays to Sundays. You can contact them at 707-1435.