Seafood restaurants abound in Bacolod City and many of them have good food. Adding to the list is Scarborough Seafoods which opened recently. Barely two months old, it is still in soft opening stage. As such, diners get a 10% discount at the moment. Even without the discount, prices are very reasonable for a seafood restaurant.

Scarborough Seafoods is simply laid out. Tables are arranged to give ample space so as not to make it crowded. I like the way native materials are used as decorations. There is an airconditioned room. At the moment, there is no extra charge when you dine there.


The variety of the seafood available is quite limited at the moment but they are fresh. They also have some marinated pork. What they lack in variety is compensated by their good basic cooking. Before going inside the restaurant, customers choose among the array of seafood and pork what they want and their quantity by weight. There are choices on how they can be cooked.


We had the shrimps cooked two ways. Steamed and in butter garlic. The steamed shrimps was steamed just enough to bring out their natural flavor.


The shrimps cooked in butter garlic was very nice. I like its sauce. Cooked just enough leaving the meat to be soft.


The squid sisig was delicious. A little bit spicy but very tasteful.


Unfortunately, there was no scallops in white shells which we would have wanted grilled but they do have this kind of scallops without the shells. We had them cooked in a sizzling way. It was very nice.


The blue marlin was grilled perfectly.


For tanguigue kinilaw (kilawin), one can have a choice between regular and special. The difference is that the special has salted eggs and mayonnaise. We had the special. It was nice but I would have preferred it to have lesser mayonnaise. One can actually request for lesser mayonnaise.


Scarborough Seafoods is located at the Market Place in the east side of Bacolod beside Chicken House. Also beside it is the ongoing construction of a convention center. Unlike most of the establishments at Market Place, Scarborough is open on Sundays.  Business hours: Lunch  11 am – 2 pm; Dinner  5 pm – 12 midnight.

It was worth the trip to Scarborough Seafoods. Try it!