Is there such a thing as a pub (bar) that is family-friendly? Yes there is in Bacolod City, Philippines. Brewery Gastropub is not only a place for the beer or wine drinkers but also where families can enjoy good food.


Brewery Gastropub opened in April of this year. Not typical of a regular pub, it is well-lighted and has an ambiance that you would not mind bringing your small children along with you when dining or having some beer. No rowdy crowd as well which is common in the regular pubs.


Brewery Gastropub is the only bar/restaurant in Bacolod that offers 128 brands of bottled beer, both local and imported. The imported brands are from the United States, Europe and Asia. They vary from light, dark and flavored. Nine handcrafted beers in draft are also available. A lot of choices for the beer drinkers.




I am more of a wine and not a beer drinker but I love the Hoeegarden Rosee draft beer imported from Belgium. It is light with a fruity taste. It is also low in alcohol content. I highly recommend it to casual beer drinkers.


Aside from beers, Brewery Gastropub also offers a wide variety of wines and whiskey. They even have Italian Merlot in draft. A first in Bacolod. I like it.

Brewery Gastropub not only offers a wide range of drinks but also many delectable dishes which makes it family-friendly. Not only the adults get to enjoy but also the little kids. It is not uncommon to see whole families dining. There is even a lollipop stand for free for the little ones.

One of the bestsellers of Brewery Gastropub is the Beer Can Chicken. It is roasted whole chicken, marinated in imported wheat beer sitting on a can of beer. It comes with either mashed potatoes or rice with sweet corn and carrots on the side. I like this. The chicken was plump and juicy.

chicken beer can.jpg

Another bestseller is the Rack of Skewers. It consists of lime chicken, Thai pork, grilled bratwurst and Hungarian sausage. It comes with varied sauces. It is nice for a meal or “pulutan” (appetizer taken with alcohol) for drinks.


One of my favorites is the Prosciutto Ham Pizza. It is thin crusted and rolled to eat. I like it so much that I had eaten many slices.


The Asian Buffalo Chicken Wings comes with a sweet and spicy sauce served with blue cheese dip and celery. This is also nice.


The Boneless Crispy Pata comes with a very delicious adobo rice and soy vinegar dip. For the sides it has onion rings and pickled papaya (atsara).

The Parmesan Cream Baked Fish comes with rice and green salad. The swordfish was cooked just right and flavorful.


The Five Spice Grilled Pork Barbecue Slices is thin pork belly slices seasoned with 5 spices. They sit on a mound of rice and a sweet and spicy sauce. Dried herbs are sprinkled on top. This is popular with the boys.

5 spices.jpg

I also like the Hungarian sausages.


The Calamares comes with a sweet chili sauce.


There are many other dishes that I would like to try on my next visit. One can ask for suggestions on what kind of beer would go nice on a certain dish.

Brewery Gastropub is located at the ground floor of Paseo Verde Building along Lacson Street in Mandalagan, Bacolod City. You may contact them at (034) 4314464.

Business Hours:

Sunday – Wednesday     11 am – 3 pm      5 pm – 12:30 am

Thursday                          11 am – 3 pm      5 pm – 1:30 am

Friday and Saturday       11 am – 3 pm     5 pm – 2:30 am