I have always been fascinated with Capri since I started to love reading books and travel magazines or articles. When I hear Capri, I equate it to romance and beautiful sceneries. I am blessed to have visited this awesome Italian island. Everything in Capri was beyond my expectations. If I was fascinated with it before, I fell in love with it during the visit. It is a feast to the eyes. Almost everywhere is very scenic.



Capri is an island in the Bay of Naples in the Campania Region of Italy. Its rugged seascape is largely responsible for its beauty. It is a very scenic break from the cultural overload that Europe has to offer. It has always been a resort island famous for its upscale hotels and shopping.




The Isle of Capri is effortlessly mesmerizing. Gorgeous white limestone cliffs with bluish green water in the horizon. Beautiful villas added to the charm of the island. Picturesque coves abound in its coastlines.




Capri has two harbors, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande which is the main port. The small island has only two towns, Capri and Anacapri.



The town of Capri is too touristy and has become a shopping town. Its alleys are full of shops for designer fashions, ceramics, limoncello and leather sandals. There are also many restaurants and cafes. Despite the commercialism, it is still nice to stroll around the town and discover very scenic views of its seascape. Its coastlines is never lacking of yachts in different sizes.


The most popular place of interest in Capri is the Blue Grotto. It is a cave where the water glows in electric blue as a result of the sun’s reflection on the cave’s limestone bottom. A visit here depends on the condition of the weather. When the water is rough, tours here are cancelled. Unfortunately, I was not able to go.

One of the gems of Capri town is Giardini di Augusto. This is a beautiful modest garden which offers scenic views of the island and its surroundings especially the renowned and striking Faraglioni Rocks.




Other sites in the town are the Baroque Cathedral, Villa Jovis and the Emperor’s Capri.

The road going to Anacapri are narrow and very winding with so many blind curves. It is not safe to drive unless you are a very good driver and familiar with the road. The views are awesome! Very scenic. There are lemon groves along the way.



Ana means above or upper and Anacapri means above Capri. The town got its name because it sits on the higher part of the island. It is less crowded compared to Capri. A nice easy stroll is very relaxing. There are many eateries and little shops mostly selling ceramics, limoncello and lemon products.

A popular activity in Anacapri is to take the single seat chairlifts up to the summit of Monte Solaro to get an awesome view of the Bay of Naples. The ride is about thirteen minutes each way. As you ride the chairlift, below are quaint houses with pine trees and fruit trees like apricots, peaches, kiwi, walnuts, hazelnuts and figs among others. There are beautiful flower gardens too. The chairlift experience is already exhilarating but once you get to the summit, the panoramic view is just awesome! You could see the Faraglioni Rocks with the many little boats trying to squeeze in. Flying seagulls is another sight to behold. There is a café at the summit.




Going down, if one is athletic enough, a 40 minutes hike can be done instead of taking the chairlift.

The Capri Palace Hotel and Spa in Anacapri is the most luxurious hotel in the island. The cheapest room before tax is more than 500 euros a night and can reach to more than 5,000 euros. Some rooms have their own pools and roof gardens. Most of the rooms have panoramic views of the shore.



Accommodations in Capri are mostly expensive. A day trip there from either Naples, Sorrento or Positano will suffice. There are many hydrofoils and ferries plying the sealanes. I came in from Sorrento where the boats are bigger and have more schedules than Positano where I was based during this leg of my Italian trip. I am amazed at how fast the boats make a 360 degrees turn and dock smoothly. I advise that return tickets be bought to avoid the hassle later. Buy the ticket for the later trip back as you can take the earlier trips if you are done earlier than expected with your sightseeing.

Upon arrival in Marina Grande in Capri, one can either take the bus or funicular to go to Capri town and Anacapri. If you are a group, hiring a taxi is advisable. It can save a lot of time.


Sorrento is a coastal town perched on a cliff in southwestern Italy. It may not have proper beaches but it has beautiful seacliffs which it is famous for. It has panoramic seaviews. It has two very busy marinas with many hydrofoils plying to the islands especially Capri. The marinas are also the docking area of beautiful yachts.





Sorrento is a good base to explore the region. Within easy reach are Capri, Pompeii and Amalfi Coast. I did an earlier blog on Amalfi Coast. Sorrento has narrow alleys with a lively shopping street, Via San Cesareo, where many of the shops are selling lemon products. It is a pleasant place to just stroll and relax. Piazza Tasso is the town’s center. The are also excellent hiking trails.




With many lemon groves, Sorrento is the birthplace of limoncello which is made from lemon grinds, alcohol, water and sugar.

When touring Italy, I recommend a visit to Capri and Sorrento. I doubt if there are people who went to Capri that were not captivated by the island.