On Wednesday, August 2, 2017, thru Republic Act No. 10928, President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law the measure that extends the validity of the Philippine passports from 5 to 10 years. However, for minors, individuals under the age of eighteen, validity is only for 5 years.

It is provided further that the issuing authority may limit the validity of the passports to less than ten years “whenever in the national economic interest or political stability of the country such restriction is necessary”.

The Department of Foreign Affairs shall come up with the necessary implementing rules and regulations to ensure that the provisions of Republic Act No. 10928 are implemented.

Republic Act 10928 amends for the purpose Section 10 of Republic Act No. 8239, otherwise known as the “Philippine Passport Act of 1996”.

The new law shall take effect fifteen days after its publication in the Official Gazette or in a national newspaper of general circulation.

With the longer validity of the Philippine passports, this will make traveling abroad for Filipinos more convenient. It saves time in renewing passports.