Bacolod has seen in recent years a proliferation of coffee shops or pastry shops offering various kinds of coffee. Big and small, these shops are scattered all over the city. Among them is Coffee Culture Roastery which opened in November 2016.


As its name suggests, Coffee Culture Roastery is primarily an artisan coffee roaster, the very first in Bacolod City. Being a roaster with good quality coffee at its disposal, it is just sensible that it be a coffee shop too.

coffee bar.jpg

As a roastery, the coffee beans of Coffee Culture Roastery are always freshly roasted. This is their edge among most of the coffee shops in Bacolod. Majority of its coffee beans are sourced directly from Philippine farmers. By promoting locally grown coffee in various parts of the country, it helps local farmers of having a sustainable livelihood. Aside from those sourced locally, it also has coffee beans from other countries like Vietnam and Singapore.

One of the owners, Thomas Sproten, is a Q Arabica and Q Robusta grader and a Coffee Quality Institute Q instructor. He definitely knows what he is selling.

Coffee Culture Roastery offers customized roasting, blending and packaging of coffee for both local and international beans, either on retail or wholesale basis. The coffee beans are roasted and grinded in front of you. It sells single origin specialty coffees and offers coffee brewing and cupping workshops. Gaggia coffee machines are also sold and repair services for these are available. 

As a coffee shop, Coffee Culture Roastery has great coffee. It has a wide selection of coffee, espresso and teas. I tried the iced mocha and I love it. It is real rich coffee unlike in some coffee shops where their coffee are just a semblance of coffee. The coffee shop source their fresh milk directly from local dairy farmers in the province. As such, freshness is assured. It also offers good food, sandwiches and delicious cakes.

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Coffee Culture Roastery has an industrial feel interior yet welcoming. Two big coffee roasting machines dominate the floor space of the coffee shop. Most often than not, they caught the attention of the first timers. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee greets you upon entering the establishment. It makes you crave more for their coffee. Decors from all over Asia are well placed. Seating are available for both indoor and outdoor. With the limited space at the moment, I hope that the coffee shop expands soon to accommodate their many customers.


The staff are very courteous and accommodating. When we arrived at the coffee shop, it was full house. As my big group was waiting for available seats, they allowed us to use the airconditioned waiting area of the owner’s car wash business beside the coffee shop.

Coffee Culture Roastery is located at Alijis Main Road beside 7 Eleven. If you are coming in from Lacson Street, it is a little bit to the right upon reaching Alijis. You can easily see it. It is open for business Mondays to Sundays from 10 am to 8 pm. You may contact them at 0920-900-3662. 

If one loves coffee, a visit to Coffee Culture Roastery is a must. It is a great place to relax while having a cup of one of their best brews. It may be a little bit far from the city center but the trip is worth it.