In recent years, there is an influx of food with salted egg as one of their ingredients. Leading the pack are the salted egg chips which has become a craze. These are the salted egg potato chips/crisps and the fish skin/ fish skin crisps. At the forefront of these are the ones from Singapore, Golden Duck and Irvins.

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People are crazy about the salted egg chips of Golden Duck and Irvins that they would not mind queuing for hours just to get hold of these. They have become so popular that in the Philippines there are so many versions of the chips. Some of these Philippine chips are comparable to their Singaporean counterpart. I have tried a few.

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Queue at Irvins 30 minutes before the stores at West Gate Mall in Jurong East, Singapore open.

Which is nicer, Golden Duck or Irvins? Hearing comments from people I know and reading comments in social media, the preferences are divided. I have tried the two brands and both are very addictive. Once I start opening a pack, I could barely stop eating. It is an effort to control the binge but is necessary because the chips are high in cholesterol.

The chips of Golden Duck have just enough spiciness and finer compared to Irvins whose chips are a little bit thicker. As a result, the fish skin crisps of Golden Duck may be light but has a crunchiness that is easier to eat. As for the taste, there is not much difference as far as I am concerned. I like both brands.

In Singapore, the list below are the retail outlets of Golden Duck and Irvins. The former are also sold in Cold Storage supermarkets or groceries and 7 Eleven. At the pre-departure area of Terminal 2 of Changi Airport, there is an Irvins cartel while Golden Duck chips are available at 7 Eleven. Both accept reservations online but same day reservations and pick-ups are not possible.

sg outlets gd.png
Retail outlets of Golden Duck in Singapore. Credit to the website of Golden Duck.
sg outlets irvins.png
Cartels of Irvins in Singapore. Credit to the website of Irvins.

In the Philippines, the cartels of Irvins are located at the Fashion Hall of SM Megamall and at Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City. At the later, it is located near Fully Booked and Old Navy. Prices are almost the same as those sold in Singapore. The small pack is P300 versus SG$8 and the big pack at P600 versus SG$16

As for Golden Duck, their chips are available at the illustration below. Price is a little bit higher than in Singapore at P350 versus SG$7.30.

Retail outlets of Golden Duck in the Philippines. Credit to the website of Golden Duck Philippines.

The salted egg chips are very addictive but must be eaten with care because they are high in cholesterol. But anything in moderation is okay. Go grab a pack or shall I say packs 😊.