The Christmas Season is the happiest and busiest time of the year. It also means big business to commercial establishments especially those in the retail and food business. This is likewise the time of the year when these establishments are bedecked in beautiful christmas decorations.

Everytime I am in Manila during the later part of the year especially in late November onwards, I always try to do the rounds of the shopping malls to see how they are decorated.

Rockwell Powerplant Mall in Makati never fails to top my list among the shopping malls in Metro Manila. It has always been very elegant whatever their themes are. This year, their theme is safari. The mall has plenty of life size stuffed animals. Some of these stuffed animals are moving. Both the children and the adults are amazed by them.

√ IMG_E2113.jpg

The giant christmas tree at the atrium reaching up to the fifth level of the shopping mall.


The christmas tree at the entrance across the moving life size stuffed animals. It reaches up to the second level.


The elegant hallways makes you feel like passing through a christmas tunnel.


Rustan’s Department Store in Makati has always been my favorite among the stores during the Holiday Season. It is always elegantly dressed up. They may frequently use the dried twigs as base for their decorations, but they always managed to give them a fresh new look year after year. In recent years though, their show windows were not as elaborately decorated as they used to be. Yet, they are still beautifully adorned.



Adora in Greenbelt 5, Makati is cute with its nutcracker display.


This year I was able to go to Cebu. Ayala Center is simply decorated but nice. They extensively use christmas lights.

C IMG_2704.jpg

C IMG_2703.jpg

The christmas tree which reaches up to the fourth level of the mall.

C IMG_E2674.jpg

At night the Ayala Terraces is full of life with its light show in tune with the christmas carols.

C IMG_E2651.jpg

Whatever your age bracket, it is a delight seeing these commercial establishments beautifully decorated during the christmas Season.

Merry Christmas!