Since my family started spending our Christmases in Bacolod City, we always attend Christmas Eve mass at Queen of Peace Church. This year, my family as well as many others were in a dilemma on where to attend the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve masses since the church has been desanctified last May 31, 2017. Masses can no longer be held there.

Tonight, my brother’s family and I went to the University of St. La Salle Chapel for the Christmas Eve mass. Driving to USLS, we passed by Queen of Peace and saw that it was open and all the lights inside were turned on. After the mass, we dropped by.


As we were going inside the church thru the main door which was the only door open, it looked so beautiful. So radiant.


Once inside and seeing the pews empty, I felt very sad. At this time of the year last year and the years past on Christmas Eve, these pews would be overflowing with mass goers extending to the back and outside the church.


Getting over my feeling of sadness, I focused my attention on the very beautiful nativity scene at the altar.




The Diocese of Bacolod may have desanctified the Queen of Peace Church and presently refer to it as a building and not a church but for us Johnians (Students and alumni of St. John’s Institute who owns the church.), it will always be our church. We now go to different churches to hear masses but we are like lost sheeps. We are always thinking on where to attend masses. This is most especially felt this Christmas Season.

As we contemplate on the birth and life of Jesus this Christmas, let us pray that thru God’s grace, one day the Queen of Peace will be able to serve again as a chapel or regular church not only the students of St. John’s Institute but the Catholic community as well.

This Christmas and New Year’s Eve, December 24 and December 31, 2017 respectively, the Queen of Peace is open until 1 am for those who want to visit.

On regular days it is open Mondays to Fridays from 6am until 12 noon and 3:30 pm until 6 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, it is open from 6 am until 12 noon.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Update: The Queen of Peace – Hua Ming was the Grand Winner of the Belen Making Contest held last December 21, 2017 sponsored by the Bacolod Cultural Foundation Inc.