When we hear the word Hinigaran, a municipality in Southern Negros, many of us immediately think of Mila’s Restaurant. Cravings for our favorites from their food offerings arise. Fret no more because they have opened a branch in Bacolod early this 2018.

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With Mila’s in Bacolod, we can satisfy our cravings anytime now and not wait for someone passing by Hinigaran to buy for us. All our favorites are within our reach.

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My top favorite at Mila’s is their Potato Cake. I love the crunchy caramel toppings! You can buy either the whole size or half of it. These can be sliced to serving sizes. They now have the Potato Squares version which is ideal for me. They are bite-size and I just grab one when I want one.

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Potato Squares

My next favorite is their Royal Bibingka. I like its softness. This is more cake-like though than the regular bibingka and topped with grated cheese and sugar.

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The Bitchokoy is one of the best that I ever had. Perfectly fried that the bread remains moist. They did not scrimp on the cheese filling. This is best eaten hot or warm when the cheese is almost melting. Very filling even for just a piece.

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Another favorite which is one of the bestsellers of Mila’s is the Buko Pie. The crust is reasonably okay. The coconut filling is soft and not so sweet.

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The Fruit Pies have a creamy fruit cocktail filling. They taste okay and not so sweet.

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I still have to try their Chicken Pie, Chicken ala King, Pizza Pan, Chicken Puto Pao and Chocolate Cake.

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I went in a little past three in the afternoon and there were many customers lining up for the goodies of Mila’s. There were also many dining in. Mila’s serves meals and drinks. The best time to go to Mila’s is in the morning when their display shelves are full.

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Mila’s Restaurant is located at Triangle Island Plaza, BS Aquino Drive. Triangle Island Plaza is in the Capitol Shopping Center area where Robinson’s Supermarket Triangle is also located but Mila’s Restaurant is on the other side from Robinson’s.

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 7 pm, Saturday 8:30 am – 6 pm. Closed on Sunday. Their telephone number is (034) 213-9440.

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