Many of us have experienced craving for food but we are either so busy or lazy to cook or go out. This is a thing of the past now with the entry of Juan Ride in Bacolod City.

Juan Ride is an online food delivery service using Facebook Messenger. It is food on demand. Food cravings can be satisfied where and when we want them. Message Juan Ride and they will deliver. They deliver daily from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.

Photo courtesy of Juan Ride

I have heard about Juan Ride from my nephews who have been using its services. Today I tried it myself. Ordering was a breeze. It was the choosing of what to order that took some time. My food were still warm when they were delivered. I chose the scheduled delivery. This means that there were other food deliveries together with mine in various parts of the city and sometimes in adjacent cities. The food arrived about 7 minutes late from the ETA (estimated time of arrival) but this is very understandable. This is much better than going to the restaurant itself and wait for my orders. My nephews who ordered on demand, their food arrived ahead of the ETA. I will definitely use Juan Ride again if I need to. It is so hassle free.


How to Order

Step 1. Message Juan Ride in Facebook Messenger or in their Facebook Page @juanrideph.

Step 2. Press the “Start Ordering”.

Step 3. Go to Main Menu or Categories.


Step 4. Pick your restaurant of choice. A menu will be given. Make your order.

Step 5. Juan Ride will ask for your delivery address and contact number.


Step 6. You will be asked for the type of delivery that you wanted. Scheduled Delivery or On Demand.

Step 7. A summary of your order, the cost and ETA will be given. Confirm your order by replying “Yes”.

Step 8. Wait for your order and pay.

There are two choices for the deliveries. Delivery On Demand or the Bloc-Hours

For Delivery On Demand, the delivery charge is P79 if within 5 kilometers from your restaurant of choice. If within Bacolod but more than 5 kilometers from your restaurant of choice, the delivery charge is P99.

All Block-Hours deliveries have a delivery charge of P49 regardless of the distance.

Photo courtesy of Juan Ride

Orders can be from multiple restaurants. Each restaurant will have a delivery charge.

Sometimes there is a promo. I was lucky that I received a message from Juan Ride about an hour before I ordered.


Here are the restaurant partners of Juan Ride as of this writing.






You must be craving now. Go message Juan Ride.

The featured or opening photo is courtesy of Juan Ride.