One fine Sunday afternoon with some family members, we went on a road trip to Southern Negros Occidental in the Philippines to see the tropical cherry blossoms in the mountain of La Castellana town. The cherry blossoms has become an attraction in the province in recent years.

I rarely go to the southern side of Negros so the scenes I see along the way seem to be new to my eyes. There are two routes to go to La Castellana. We went via Araneta Street in Bacolod City onwards to Abuanan Road in Sum-ag which is a suburb of the city. The tree-lined highway in Abuanan impressed me. The trees created a beautiful canopy giving shade to the motorists.

√ IMG_7628

La Castellana is at the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon which is an active stratovolcano. It is the highest point in Negros Island as well as the whole Visayas. Despite the clouds covering its tip, Mt. Kanlaon from afar was still an attractive sight.

√ IMG_7641

Further down the La Castellana highway leading to the mountain area, I requested my nephew to stop the car so I can take pictures of the panoramic scenery before us. After the noise and concrete jungle in the city, it was so peaceful and calming. I would have loved to stay longer but it was already late afternoon and we were running out of time.

√ IMG_E7657

√ IMG_7656

When we arrived at the area where the cherry blossom trees were, the air smelled so good. The nice fragrance came from the cherry blossoms. It was air freshener in the most natural form. Unfortunately, the leaves of the trees this year unlike in previous years did not totally fall-off thus they were not as impressive as before.

√ IMG_E7663

We stayed at a café to have snacks of batchoy and arroz caldo to enjoy the cool mountain air and the cherry blossoms fragrance.

On our way home, we passed by Farmville de Bago in Bago City. There was a lone tropical cherry blossoms tree in full bloom. The pictures below were taken around nine o’clock in the evening.

√ IMG_E7666

√ IMG_E7665

The picture and video below is the daytime view of the cherry blossoms at Farmville de Bago as posted in their Facebook Page.


I also got to see a week old pony with its mother and a deer. Since it was already late in the evening, I was not able to see the other animal collection.

√ IMG_7671

√ IMG_7678

We may not have seen the cherry blossoms of La Castellana in all its glory but still the road trip was an enjoyable one. It made me realize that my province Negros Occidental has so much beauty that I still have to explore. Till the next road trip.