I may not be very adventurous when it comes to food but I always like to try out new restaurants. When a nephew asked if I would like to have dinner at Don Mariano which recently opened, I immediately said yes.

From the outside, Don Mariano looks inviting.


It may have a semi-industrial feel because of the metal pipes in the ceiling but generally the coffee shop cum restaurant has a very homey ambiance.



Don Mariano is simply decorated but very becoming. I find the window decorations on the wall cute. On the opposite wall are some paintings.


I like that Don Mariano used mixed designs in its tables and chairs. They not only added to the relaxed ambiance but also satisfy the varied preferences of the diners. The place was full-packed so I was not able to get really good pictures.



The picture is intentionally darkened for the privacy of the diners.

Don Mariano serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. The menu is mixed – cuisines. Serving sizes depend on the dishes.

For appetizer, we had Ropa Vieja. It is crispy shredded beef. I love this. Once you start eating, you cannot stop.


The Shrimp in Salted Egg Sauce was very light and not very sinful as most dishes with salted egg are. My nephews and I like it.


Tenderloin Steak with Rosemary. Another option is with Peppercorn. It was done rare thus very soft and juicy. Very tasteful.


The Parmesan Crusted Salmon was cooked just right. Thickness is just enough making it moist and not dry as many salmon dishes in other restaurants are.


On my next visit I would try the green salad and pasta. They looked delicious from the tables of the other diners.

There is a chiller to choose for the desserts. I like it this way than just reading the menu.


I highly recommend the Apple Walnut Cake. It was so delicious. It may look very sweet but it was not. Don Mariano is generous with the apple and walnut.


The chocolate filling of the Chocolate Eclairs was moist.


Have the staff warm the English Donut to enjoy it more.


Being a coffee shop aside from being a restaurant, Don Mariano has a wide selection of coffee both hot and cold to choose from and enjoy anytime of the day. They also have tea and smoothies.

There is a selection of cocktails, wine and beer to enjoy for cocktails or after dinner.


The restaurant also sells packed coffee and other goodies.


Service needs improvement but being on its 9th day after opening this is very understandable. Don Mariano only opened last May 10, 2018. I do hope that they improve their exhaust system since they have an open kitchen.

Being new and the sitting capacity is just average, reservation is highly recommended. You can message them at their Facebook Page or you may contact them at 0942-812-3701. Don Mariano is located at Nord Medical Hub in BS Aquino Drive. This is the building in front of Bacolod Tile Center. It is near The Doctor’s Hospital. They are open from 7:00 am until 10:00 PM.

A new restaurant is always a good addition to the growing list of places to eat in Bacolod.