In our search for a new restaurant to hang-out, my three friends and I tried Clem’s at Hi-Strip 2 in Bacolod City. It was recommended by my nephews who are updated with the restaurant scene in the city.

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The interiors of Clem’s is simple but elegant giving the restaurant a cozy ambiance. There are tables with umbrellas outside for those who want to dine or have drinks al fresco especially in the evenings. A small room connected to the main dining area is ideal for a big group.

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For appetizer, we had Chicken Quesadillas. These are wheat tortillas with tomato salsa, lettuce, grilled chicken fillet and homemade garlic sauce. At P135, it is not only yummy but cheap as well.

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The Ceasar Salad was nice. The fresh lettuce was topped with croutons, bacon bits, parmesan cheese and a light ceasar dressing. It costs P150.

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The Vegetable Lasagna was my favorite during this food bonding among friends. The softness of the pasta was just right. It was layered with rich tomato sauce, mixed vegetables and creamy cheese sauce. Topped with a layer of golden melted cheese, this dish was so delicious. Price is P225.

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We had Pot Roast as one of the main courses. This is slow-cooked tender slices of braised roast beef topped with a rich creamy sauce. The sauce was so tasty that we had it with our rice even without the beef. Served with buttered vegetables and mashed potatoes. Price is P350.

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For the other main course we had Filleto Romero. This is thin slices of beef tenderloin with herbs sautéed in garlic and olive oil. Buttered vegetables on the side. Served with rice, the dish was very satisfying. Costs P325.

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There is a chiller to choose for the desserts.

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The Classic Chocolate Cake was moist and the filling was not so sweet.

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I like my sansrival to be not so buttery and Clem’s Butter Sansrival was not. As such, the meringue layers were crunchy.

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Their coffee were good. There are pastry products and sardines too for sale.

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Service was very good. The wait staff were attentive and knowledgeable of the menu. The restaurant is clean.

Clem’s is open Mondays thru Sundays from 11 am until 11 pm. It tends to be full during dinners. For reservations, you may call ‭(034) 474 3507‬ or ‭(0932) 396 5551‬.

My friends and I unanimously gave Clem’s a thumbs up.